Definitions of Makahiki :

·        The Makahiki season was the Ancient Hawaiian New Year festival, in honor of the god Lono. It was a holiday covering four consecutive lunar months, approximately from October or November through February or March. …
·        ceremony – annual harvest festival comprising ritual for collecting tribute

Definitions of lono i ka makahiki :

·        In Hawaiian mythology, the deity Lono is associated with fertility, agriculture, rainfall, and music. In one of the many Hawaiian legends of Lono, he is a fertility and music god who descended to Earth on a rainbow to marry Laka. …

So on that note this is what my family  harvested this past week:

1) 7 dozen free range eggs. Eat, sell and traded.

2) 1 dozen + sharwil avocados. You know what to do with those.

3) 2 five gallon buckets of sweet pink grapefruits. So sweet no need sweetener for juice.

4) All the lemons and limes for lemon or lime aid sweetened with >>>>#5

5) 5 (Five) gallons of wild lehua honey. Yes I still have viable honey bees. My wife turns some of this into great honey wine or mead.

6) lemon grass for great hot tea.

7) 2 dozen+ awesome orgainc non GMO papayas

I think that is all for this past week. Could have slaughtered a chicken or collected talipia, or hunted down a pig but that would have been more work so I got a organic chicken  from Safeway instead.

So, my question is: How are you celebrating Makahiki this time around? You know, the ancient Hawaiian warriors were smart enough and had smart enough leaders to be sustainable and prepared for almost anything ( except the white man ). Are we? Are you?

Seven years ago when I landed here after living on Maui for 16 years where I did nothing sustainable other than recycling, I knew virtually nothing about farming. My wife has always had a small garden and raised chickens but with the help of ” Know Your Farmers Alliance”, a great big island group, web site and resource and men like Ano, Clive, Richard and Scott who taught my son and I to slaughter  larger animals, I can honestly say I could survive almost any disaster. We’re also off the grid.

Could you? What is keeping you from being prepared? I wholly support inner spiritual and emotional work but like the old saying goes; Trust in God but Tie your camel. How tight is your camel tied. Either to the aina/land or the boats delivering to Safeway.

Am I bragging? Maybe a little.  Am I proud of how far we’ve come? YES!!!    Am I challenging you, my fellow brothers? Fucking Yes!!!  Why? Because I want company on this trip I’m on. Good company. MKP company!!

With much Aloha, Looking at our shadows, moving towards our light.  Oh yea. And feeding ourselves. And our community.


Roy Lozano